Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Congressional Cowardice

Kevin over at Lowering the Bar has a hilarious but accurate explanation of what congress is planning, so that nobody but Obama will be blamed for raising the debt ceiling -- something regrettable that nobody disputes needs to be done.

The long and short of it? Well the phrase "approval-by-veto" should probably ring alarm bells, anyhow:

In other words, Congress would approve a resolution of disapproval in order to force the President to disapprove that disapproval, which would turn it into an approval, one that Congress knows it would be unable to re-disapprove. That would leave us with the interim approval-by-veto, so that the limit would somehow end up being raised even though neither branch would have actually cast any vote in favor of anything.

Oh America, this is why nobody takes you seriously anymore.


Bardiac said...

They raised the ceiling how many times under Shrub, all without the least fuss.

Vellum said...

Oh of course they did. This is just partisan bullying at the extreme. There is no debt crisis, just an ongoing, long-term debt problem. The difference is that, while crises require immediate actions that garner votes, problems require planned out solutions that don't. So the Repugnicants have decided the US has a crisis that only they can fix.