Sunday, 20 June 2010

Ozark Medieval What?

See? I promised posts.

I couldn't help but post about this once I had the time. I'm certain by now you've all heard about it, but if you haven't it's very, very cool.

Image courtesy of Ozark Medieval Fortress LLC

In Lead Hill, Arkansas (USA) a bunch of people are building a medieval castle (a la 12th century France, I believe) -- and they're doing it using only medieval techniques. It's going to be fantastic. Over the next 20 years, they'll be building this thing, training new stonemasons and castle-builders and the like. I'm going to just call it by what it should be named: Medieval Disneyland. You go, you see them building a medieval fortress, you see the tradespeople living in the medieval village at the foot of the castle, and as a resident of North America, you get to see something you otherwise would (almost) never see: Medieval Things.

I mean sure, there's the Cloisters in New York, but after that you're talking Hammond Castle (which actually, now that I'm looking at it, is pretty cool) and Hearst Castle. Hearst castle is big and has.... deer. That's about all I remember about it. Herds of deer on the back lawn. I was very young when my family went to California. We drove through Gilroy, the garlic capital of wherever. The world, probably. But I digress.

It's called The Ozark Medieval Fortress, and it's definitely something I'll have to visit sometime. I just... don't know that I'll ever find myself in Arkansas. But! Never say never. I've got 20 years to see it under construction, and I'm sure plenty of time thereafter to see the inside when it's done.

Go see.


JEP said...

As a resident of Gilroy, I feel obliged to tell you that, yes indeed, Gilroy is the self-proclaimed garlic capital of the entire world. Come to our Garlic Festival in the heat of July!

article said...

Great project the town has there. I am excited to know that there are people out there dedicated enough to create something for others to experience the old medieval times. If you want to recreate a certain era like the renaissance or medieval times you really have to step it up a notch. You can do that by simply showing a finely crafted sword or even a replica that boasts of such craftsmanship. medieval weapon