Sunday, 11 July 2010

New Byzantium: The Micronation -- Now on Craigslist!

Dear Readers,

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this on craigslist:

New Micronation Restoring Byzantine Civilization (Vermont)

I felt as though I had to post about it. It was originally going to be a kind of mocking post, because at first I thought this was just some crazy people. The more I read their website though (which is at the more I kind of like these people.

So they are, in fact, trying to start a sovereign nation to live by some idealized version of what they think Byzantium and the Byzantine Empire were like. They have a flag (hold on... um.. here:

pretty swank, yeah?) and they have a peaceful declaration and a set of foundational laws. They let all their new citizens have dual citizenship, and encourage them to (please, please for the love of god) continue to follow the laws of their countries of residence, but they are genuinely hoping to get 100 acres of land somewhere to start a New Byzantium.

They're really just a bunch of Byzantine Empire enthusiasts who've started what looks to be the most in-depth enthusiasts club I've ever seen.

As an Anglo-Saxonist, I'm not really cut out for signing up, but if you're into the Byzantine Empire and like re-enactment and want to start building something, then go have a look. Might be just what you're looking for.

In the meantime -- anyone up for helping me form the new, Federated Micronation of Anglia? Maybe we could just convince The Principality of Sealand to rename themselves.

Or on second thought... maybe not.

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theswain said...

What? No rushing off like ol' Harold and joining the Varangian guard?