Saturday, 31 July 2010

Unicorn Chaser

A bit of uplifting linkspam after Vellum's downer of a post yesterday.

Is this a photograph of young Abraham Lincoln? Survey says not only no, but an emphatic no.

Talking Carls get in a fight, which quickly descends into a screaming match.

A letter from the Campbell Soup Company to Andy Warhol. Accompanied by two cases of tomato soup.

In other news, I was quite sure I was going to die last night when my (very significantly younger) sister convinced me to go on the Zipper at rural New England county fair. Apparently I am too old for this shit. I and my guts prefer that the extreme G-forces restrain themselves to one direction, thank you. The Re-Mix II was marginally less deadly, the G-forces being largely in one direction. The Cyclone was quite relaxing by comparison. No Tilt-a-Whirl, which depressed me greatly.

However, much to Vellum's delight, there was poutine, and we also consumed the obligatory fair foods: fried dough, blooming onion, ice cream... A successful outing all in all, even for my sister, who is at the age (still several years from being able to drive) where most fun things are deemed dull and stupid. Who knew that a few extreme fair rides are all it takes to keep a pre-teen happy? Then again, she spent the drive back explaining the plot of Saw to Vellum, so I suppose we shouldn't consider her representative of her entire demographic.


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Vellum said...

Indeed -- it would appear that the plots of Saws 4-6 are significantly less plausible than those of Saws 1-3, because (I am told) the assistants are dead. And so is the Saw guy. Or something.