Saturday, 17 July 2010

Things that need doing

Things that need doing:

1) My job. Seeing as I am, in fact, at work. This involves
• Researching artists who taught at and attended a certain 19th century arts school
• Inviting people to special museum events
• Adding to my directions for how to run the museum after I'm gone

2) Research for a potential K'zoo paper. The session on teachers and students in the Middle Ages is right up my alley, and I already have a couple of representations in mind; I just need to see if there are more out there. If so, I can write up my proposal. If not, I'll have to tackle another topic. Either way, these things should be done sooner rather than later, as 1 month from now, I'll be far more concerned about packing and moving than researching fun medieval things.

3) Applying for jobs. Despite being all set to begin the packing and the moving, I still have idea how I'm going to support myself after doing so. Starting to get nervous about this, as I'm moving too slowly on the applications, and job postings are starting to disappear. Minor panic.

Things I am actually doing:

1) Posting
2) Reading stupid internet stories
3) Eating Life cereal (dry, out of a plastic bag. I am actually in grade school, as it turns out)
4) Checking my watch to see if the day is over yet (answer: no)
5) Compulsively checking my email every 5 minutes

I'm going to go try and do something more productive now. Wish me luck.

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