Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Other Side Of The Equation

Just a brief follow-up to the MAA situation. I'd read (as I'm sure we all have) quite a bit in support of a boycott of the MAA since their decision not to remove the meeting from Arizona, but today in my feed were two pieces from scholars whom I respect on why one won't quit the MAA, and why the other won't even sign the petition. They're worth the read, if you haven't seen them yet.


Jeffrey J. Cohen said...

I'm not fully the other side of the equation, in that I am 100% for the boycott of AZ, and wish the MAA had chosen that route. I'm just not going to quit in protest, as I had seriously considered doing.

Vellum said...

Yes, I know. I should have been more clear about that. Yours was the less-extreme of the pro-boycott voices, unhappy but not ready to give up on the MAA. It was Nokes' post that I based the title on.