Sunday, 1 August 2010


Vaulting mentioned our sojourn to the fair the other day -- my first American country fair. So, of course, I took photos. :)

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Poutine! Well, the American equivalent. Saw some fairgoers walking around with this and it left me yearning for home. It looks disgusting (even more so because it's not even real poutine -- that's cheese sauce folks, not real cheese) but it still tasted amazing. :)

I'd like to draw your attention to the wonderful little sign in front of this unsocial character. We heeded the warning and instead checked out some adorable little fuzzy things which wouldn't stay still long enough for me to photograph them. Suffice it to say they were very cute.

Not a problem for cows though. Good old country fair wouldn't be complete without cows. Plus they don't move much, and so make excellent low-light photo models.

Of course you really don't have to worry about some models moving. Oh, Canada...

Nor will a fair ever be complete again without standing at ground level watching Vaulting and Vaulting's Sister (who henceforth shall be pseudonymized as Crazy Vault or CrazyV -- on account of her love for death machines) ride insane rides like this one, called a "zipper".

Or this one, which I am choosing to call the Utter Discombobulator.

Or this one, which you can see the blurs of Vaulting and CrazyV being held to the sides like lettuce in one of those... lettuce drying... spinny things.

Finished off the night with soft serve and night shots, and (as previously mentioned) CrazyV telling me about the ins and outs of horror movie plots (which was nice).

Overall, an excellent fair. I'd do it again tomorrow. :)


Janice said...

My gosh, that certainly isn't poutine. Curds, people, curds! In a pinch, shredded cheese will do but never cheese sauce! Save that for your chili fries.

Vellum said...

Oh, I know. It was a little sad. But I haven't had real poutine in a while now. It was better than not having it at all. :)